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Booking available now for Unique Instrumental Weekends at Ardkinglas House on Loch Fyne - hurry!

Fyne Fiddles 2016

New for this year, a creative approach to playing tunes on the fiddle & Amy’s Auntie Sareth is Chef!

Amy & Donald are back with a fresh take on Fyne Fiddles for 2016.

This year we will look at creative music practise and how to begin finding your own unique musical voice. There will be new tunes to learn, but we’re going to show you how to put your individual stamp on it - we’ll dig deep into how to make a tune truly your own.

To achieve this we will be doing some focussed listening, exploring rhythmical and melodic variations & some basic improvising techniques to help us get playful with our music.

There will be some suggested bowing and ornamentation, but these will & should vary so please come with an open mind, ready to break free from set patterns of up & down bows!

And as ever there will be time for sessions, walks in the glorious gardens, delicious home cooked meals and all in an intimate group of likeminded folk.

Book here early to secure your place.

New album "messing" is on bandcamp for download - or buy it here.

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Friday 19th to Sunday 21st August 2016
Ardkinglas House
Fyne Fiddles
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